The most efficient electric heat pump hot water unit on the planet

Free Electric Hot water Changeover

Make the change, at no charge.

Thanks to our heat pump being certified for 3 government schemes we can upgrade your unit for free when replacing an eligible electric hot water unit.

Installed and fitted by licensed professionals, we take care of every step of your upgrade for you.

  • Costs less than $1 per day to run
  • Save on average $650 per year

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Here is a way to reduce water heating bills at zero cost and help save the world.

The heat pump, a proven and reliable technology. Heat pumps use 80% less power than traditional electric element units.

Heat pumps are reliable and deliver consistently hot water, saving you money every quarter.

Have a Gas Hot Water Unit, no worries...

Save up to $800 when replacing your gas hot water unit.

Get in touch with us today to find out what rebates you get, for a quick and easy change to help save you money off your utility bills.

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